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New song and video for GIVE Seattle online

Over 30 Seattle artists have contributed tracks to GIVE Seattle 2009, a downloadable music and video compendium for charity. The Long Winters recorded an acoustic version of new song Not Moving to Portland especially for the GIVE project, with Kathleen Edwards singing harmonies, and then filmed a music video for it. Watch the video now on our video page.

The song is now available for download, so if you haven't bought the compilation yet, this is the time to do so. For just $7 you will get the best Seattle has to offer, and 100% of the proceeds go to the GIVE beneficiaries.

» Buy on
» Read John's blog about the song and video

GIVE Seattle 2009

Over 30 Seattle artists have contributed tracks to GIVE, a downloadable music and video compendium for charity. For just $7 you will get the best Seattle has to offer, and 100% of the proceeds go to the GIVE beneficiaries. Several GIVE artists are still finishing their exclusive GIVE tracks, including The Long Winters. » Read more

John talks about Kathleen Edwards collaboration

John Roderick recently revealed on Twitter that he has been working with Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards. Paste Magazine got a reporter to investigate. » Read all about it

Sit on John's lap and tell him your wishes

John Roderick will make his annual appearance as Santa at the Three Imaginary Girls Winter Holiday Spectacular, on Wednesday 23 December at Chop Suey.

Electric Aphorisms

When I was first introduced to Twitter it sounded to me like another in a long line of social networking tools that I could happily live without. Conventional wisdom seems to be that MySpace and Facebook and Twitter are giant convention centers full of kids, parents' stolen credit cards in hand, desperate to interact with musicians great and small. I am supposed to be out there hawking my wares, instant-messaging with teenaged super-fans in Nebraska and Smolensk, presenting myself as just the right blend of charming and superficially complicated to be intriguing without being dangerous. I'd rather eat ground glass. This almost universal consensus that social networking is the ONLY way for musicians to promote and distribute their music sounds like a bunch of publicist crap. God help us if it's true.

John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders

Wed September 16, 2009 at (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, featuring John Wesley Harding w/ Steven Page, Eugene Mirman, David Gates, Elizabeth Ziman, John Roderick and Jon Auer.

A quick update

Hello fans and friends!

Has it really been so long since we've kept in touch? You haven't changed a bit. Well, your hair's a bit different, but I can tell those eyes from a mile off. I'm sorry we've been a bit incommunicado. John has even taken a brief break from his hectic schedule of waking up, Twittering, eating, Twittering, and then Twittering in his sleep. If you haven't been following JR's Twitter site, you can follow him HERE.

The reason we've been so quiet recently is because we have finally put the pedal to the creative metal and hunkered down on those last little bits of the new record we've put off for far too long. Also, we've been rehearsing for some super special festival appearances this summer -- the first at the Doe Bay Festival on Orcas Island in WA, the second at the Bumbershoot Festival, and third as a part of a very special Barsuk Records showcase for Musicfest NW in Portland, OR.

13 songs with John

A series of quasi-weekly check-ins with John Roderick on YouTube as he works on writing the songs for the upcoming Long Winters album.

» Episode One where John builds a fence.

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